A message from Flint Hills Resources CEO Jeff Ramsey

From the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Flint Hills Resources’ top priorities have been the health and safety of our employees, the continued safe operations of our facilities and the continuity of business with our customers and suppliers.

All across Flint Hills Resources, we are following CDC guidance and taking the appropriate steps to promote social distancing, good hygiene and the utilization of technology when possible to help limit personal contact. Each of our business areas and individual sites have implemented COVID-19 safety and preparedness plans that will be adhered to throughout the duration of this public health crisis.

Our businesses and our people also continue to play an important role in supporting the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our refineries, pipelines and ethanol plants continue work to produce and deliver essential fuels the world needs to keep critical supply chains moving.

Our chemical plants are producing materials that are foundational to desperately needed medical and healthcare equipment and services.

At our Longview, Texas chemical plant, for example, our employees produce the polypropylene that is being used to make critical components for COVID-19 testing kits as well as the packaging of cleaning products and even the plastic closures for hand sanitizers.

In Peru, Illinois our team there is producing the expandable polystyrene used by cold chain suppliers whose products are keeping perishable food and medicine safe for delivery to people all over the world.

One of our Peru customers told us that our products are helping them respond to an unprecedented need for transporting COVID-19 test kits and therapies to healthcare professionals on the front lines of this battle.

The human impact of this pandemic cannot be overstated, and we are proud that our employees’ contributions are making an important difference in this global fight.

I am proud of the results we’ve achieved and how our employees – and contractors – have adjusted to these very difficult circumstances, from being displaced and forced to work remotely, to so many of our employees who have been asked to work extraordinary shifts to help cover essential operations in response to this crisis.  I continue to be impressed, but not surprised by our response.

Thank you

Jeff Ramsey